Monday, 16 January 2012

Silver Fox

I'm not sure I should say this out loud, it's completely un PC nowadays but I have to confess I do love a good animal pelt. In fact I am unashamed to admit it. Especially when it's as icy cold as it is in London this week. There is something deliciously decadent about wrapping up in a beautiful fur coat and going out into the unknown.

My Mother has an enviable collection of fur, some of which I have managed to inherit. My coat for today - beautiful silvery grey Artic Fox. From the 70's. I felt very Bianca Jagger meets Studio 54. It made me feel like I should hang around with tortured muscians, in a similar vein (excuse the pun) to Kate Moss/Pete Doherty. Without the smack.

It got me thinking though, should you ever buy new fur? 

Alot of designers use fur in their collections, in fact it has become a staple again in the past few years to have in a mainline collection. There was a time when it was fashionable to not use fur, and every supermodel stripped off for PETA. 

I think over the past few seasons, the tide has turned against fast fashion to buying investment pieces. Buying a fur is a definite investment.  My Mum's is still going strong from 1970, which is no mean feat. I doubt the same can be said for a Primarni coat in 40 years time.

Having done a quick poll of friends, even those who are vegetarians, it seems that the census is as long as it's vintage, it's ok. Is this a double standard, or is it a very eco-friendly and thrifty way to look at fashion, recycling an item that would otherwise go to waste.

For me it has fuck all to do with wanting to save the world, and all about the aesthetics and beauty of the garment. Fashion should transform, and I defy anyone to put on a fur and not feel even a touch of the Joan Collins. x M

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