Tuesday, 13 December 2011

D is for

Diffusion lines. Always a bit hit and miss in my opinion. Sometimes designers get them oh so right - Marc by Marc Jacobs a huge case in point, and sometimes so massively wrong. Not going to name names but you know who I am talking about.
So, have to say I am not entirely sure whether to be uber excited at the prospect of KARL, the new diffusion collection by Karl Lagerfeld, or a little bit dubious.

Maybe I'm just old fashioned, but if I buy designer then I buy for numerous reasons, not limited to but including - cut, fabric and glamour. I spent £500 on a skirt for a reason. Snobbish, yes but at least I am honest. It just makes me feel like a designer is selling out and cheapening the brand purely to cash in. Which in these tough times is a fair(ish) point I guess. Most design houses make no money or run at a loss, and it is the fragrances and accessories that keep them afloat - smaller more accessible items that the masses can buy, ergo buying into the ethos and cache of the brand.

However, the one thing that does possibly excite me about KARL is the fact that it is being sold exclusively on Net-a-Porter, and has been developed with Net-a-Porter supremo Natalie Massenet. The woman clearly knows fashion.

I will just have to wait until 25th January to see if it really is worth the hype and melting my plastic for. So far going on this sneaky vid, I have to say j'adore already - masculine tailoring and sequins, right up my street.. x M

P.S - How hot does Anja Rubik look...?

Friday, 25 November 2011

Thursday, 24 November 2011


I have just realised my blog is one today. Any excuse for a party in a pair of killer heels.

The past year seems to have disappeared in the blink of an eye. New job, new city, new life. I started writing this blog just to share my random musings and never expected anyone to be interested, yet in the space of a year it's been read in Russia, South America and everywhere in between - mental! 

It got me thinking about all the things I want to achieve in the next year, to name but a few.....

1. Get a super hot yoga body.
2. Go away with my closest friends in the whole world and celebrate being a year older with a massive fuck off party.
3. Eat at The Fat Duck.
4. Start taking more pictures, I always see amazing things to photograph on my travels and never seem to have my camera on me. Epic fail at times.

5. Following on nicely, learn how to use photoshop PROPERLY.
6. Walk around Paris in stupidly fabulous heels.
7. Invest in one piece of couture.
8. Have an Audrey Hepburn marathon and watch every single one of her films I can get my grubby little mitts on.
9. Finish reading all the books that I have recently ordered from Amazon. I never seem to find time to pick up a book anymore let alone finish one.

Anyway muchos gracias for reading, hope you have enjoyed my ramblings, going to try and post alot more often in the next year as well. Pinky promise.


Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Hang Tough

I'm currently drowning alive in SS12 samples, press days, and AW12 Fashion Week plans, so whilst everyone else is thinking about what to wear to Christmas parties, I'm surrounded by broderie anglaise, candy colours and planning LFW off-catwalk shows for a season that will be in stores a year from now. Proper Back to the Future vibes at the moment. Without the bad 80's hair. 

Basically my office looks like the Louis Vuitton show had a gang bang with Barbie and then decided to throw a fuck off fabulous party. The outcome is unconfirmed as yet.

Anyway, something pretty for a Wednesday afternoon. Or pretty twisted. Probably the latter. And it involves stuffed animals. Which means I love it even more.

All - a retrospective from Maurizio Cattelan currently hanging out at the Guggenheim. Literally.

Enjoy x M

Source: vogue.com

Monday, 24 October 2011

Pickled Pony

Damien Hirst My Little Pony. Massive need for this in my life. Check out more at http://marikasurinen.com x M

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Disappear Here

I'm a bit of a shoe whore. Alright, a massive shoe whore. If I ever feel shit, a bit of shoe porn is guaranteed to cheer me right up, and instantly make me feel like a member of the ensemble in Sound of Music. Or like I've taken Ritalin. I honestly think my idea of  perfect date would be one held in Selfridges shoe hall.

So something to cheer up a freezing London morning, these bad boys. I've got on my soap box before about art/fashion/sculpture *delete as applicable but I think pictures speak louder than words. So behold......

Andreia Chaves is a Brazilian footwear designer who has studied form, texture and visual effects in Florence. She fuses art, sculpture, fashion and geometry to create what can only be described as my own personal Holy Grail.

The Invisible Shoe, part of a series of concept footwear, is an asymmetrically mirrored low-cut shoe boot,  which has a chameleon quality blending in with the environment and reflecting your surroundings to make it an ever changing part of your wardrobe and an art installation at your very feet.

I absolutely J'Adore these boots. I want them so badly it hurts, and think I would probably sell a kidney just to own them. I'm not even sure I would wear them out of my flat, maybe just do the hoovering whilst admiring the reflection of the Henry in them. Just saying. x M

Source: www.andreiachaves.com


Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Topshop Unique SS12...Nuff said. MASSIVELY HEART x M

Source: style.com

Monday, 12 September 2011

Prabal Gurung

One of my favorite shows from NYFW so far, and a bit of a departure from Prabal Gurung's usual style. It was a bit purple heavy for my liking, then again I do have a horrible habit of dressing like an extra from Twilight. The standout pieces for me were the black (just for a change) dress with cut-outs and net detail, skinny painted print trousers and the leather and sequin embellished nude dress with am amazing bondage-esque harness...Opulent, graphic and a little bit naughty. Like x M

Source: Style.com

Monday Bloody Monday

It's feels like an age since I last posted, work/life seems to have got in the way. However NYFW is a good reason to give me a massive kick up my arse and start blogging again. In the meantime, I will leave you with this..It made me smile when I saw it....x M

Friday, 10 June 2011

Love Love Love

Les Deux Garcons. Amazing. I seem to have a strange attraction to taxidermy, it fascinates me. If I didn't spend all my money on shoes/bags/clothes/jewellery* delete as appropriate, then I reckon I would buy some sort of stuffed animal head. Nice thought for a Friday afternoon. That's all x M

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Daphne's World

Documentary film-maker, Brennan Stasiewicz provides an interesting and thought provoking insight into fashion's inner sanctum with his new film - Daphne Guinness: Undressed.
The film follows Daphne, arguably one of the most prolific supporters and collectors of haute couture, (and in my opinion, cool as fuck,) in both her personal and private life, culminating  in a performance art piece in which Guinness dressed for the Met ball in one of Barney’s New York windows, modeling a lilac feathered gown designed by McQueen's Sarah Burton. The film is beautifully shot, intimate and provides a tiny peek into the world of the enigmatic Guinness.

I've long been a fan of Daphne Guinness, she truly appreciates and cares about fashion, and believes like me that fashion is art. And I do have to admire a woman who does yoga in a cocktail dress.  Think I need to find a Greek shipping magnate to marry. x M

Daphne Guinness: Undressed on Nowness.com.

Monday, 6 June 2011

I Need....

...an Ivana Pilja dress in my life. Having just stumbled over her amazing designs, I feel very inspired to go a bit dark, and I am now in need of geometric corners in my life. 

Despite never paying attention in maths class, and not giving a flying fuck about decagons or obtuse triangles, I have an almost obsessive passion for clean lines and angles in architecture, art and more importantly, fashion. Which is precisely why I want one of these dresses.

Pilja's collection borders on the architectural, and is dark, dramatic and brooding. All very Wuthering Heights. That is if Emily Bronte had collided head first into a Mad Max-esque future where origami was the norm. To sum up, her designs are strong and simplified with a touch of gothic darkness that makes me feel ever so slightly uneasy. But in a good way.

It is Monday after all, and if you can't feel slightly dark and twisted on a rainy Monday, then when can you? Enjoy...x M

Source: www.ivanapilja.com

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Shining

So true. Usually I don't though, sometimes thinking is over rated, sometimes you just have to do....x M

Sunday, 15 May 2011


Is the only word I can find to even try and describe the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art's retrospective exhibition of Alexander McQueen's amazing work. 

It seems that in death, he has achieved the kind of prominence that even he could never have dreamed of. A kind of black irony from beyond the grave if you will, because throughout his life, he was always the risque fashion rebel - pushing new boundaries and with a fashion vision that didn't always necessarily fit in with the establishment.

Personally, I would sell my first, second and third born children to own a piece if his work. I've said it before, but fashion is art, and McQueen truly was a visionary artist. Fittingly, the exhibition is called Savage Beauty. Time to book a flight to New York, I think x M

Source: Vogue.com

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Strangely Beautiful

Weird. But I love it x M

Source: Reid Peppard - Real cast solid brass squirrel skull with artificial badger tongue.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Something for the weekend

Things inspiring me this week..apart from the sunshine that is x M

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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Foxtrot Oscar

After the madness of Fashion Week, I find it is always nice to switch off and indulge in a soupcon of mindless celeb watching, and the Oscar’s is the way to do it. You would think being A List glitterati with access to endless couture would make Oscar dressing easy, but it’s a minefield out there, and one bad Oscar dress can make or break a starlet’s career as quickly as Lindsay Lohan is in and out of jail...and rehab...court enforced rehab, anyway you get the picture. So, who in our tiny weeny humble fashionistas opinion got it right, and who got it wrong, oh so very wrong?

Hits of the night included Mila Kunis in a slightly risqué yet stunning plunging lilac Elie Saab couture gown, Michelle Williams in simple yet stunning shimmering Chanel and Hilary Swank in feathered Gucci with a full on train. Feathers are so easy to get wrong (Bjork, Oscars 2001 ring any bells?) but Hilary Swank made it look effortless yet dramatic all at the same time.

Filed in the ‘What Were You Thinking’ portion of the evening, Melissa Leo from The Fighter, looking like a doily threw up all over her, Nicole Kidman in an ill advised Christian Dior monstrosity (no I’m not talking about John Galliano,) and Busy Phillips who seemed to have misunderstood the dress code and come dressed as both her favourite Quality Street and her name. Honourable bonkers mention should probably go to Helena Bonham Carter, one again committing not just crimes against fashion, but all out genocide.

Finally, my gold star goes to Cate Blanchett, LOVE the pink and yellow Givenchy Haute Couture.

It's so nice to finally see an A-lister flexing their fashion credentials rather than playing it safe. Yawn. It was definitely a brave and Avant Garde choice despite some critics saying it was too “homely.” Obviously, because who doesn’t get home, don the marigolds, and get the Henry Hoover out in Givenchy...Although I must say we are more partial to Balenciaga..Horses for courses and all. Till next time. x M

Source: Here, there and everywhere.