Tuesday, 13 December 2011

D is for

Diffusion lines. Always a bit hit and miss in my opinion. Sometimes designers get them oh so right - Marc by Marc Jacobs a huge case in point, and sometimes so massively wrong. Not going to name names but you know who I am talking about.
So, have to say I am not entirely sure whether to be uber excited at the prospect of KARL, the new diffusion collection by Karl Lagerfeld, or a little bit dubious.

Maybe I'm just old fashioned, but if I buy designer then I buy for numerous reasons, not limited to but including - cut, fabric and glamour. I spent £500 on a skirt for a reason. Snobbish, yes but at least I am honest. It just makes me feel like a designer is selling out and cheapening the brand purely to cash in. Which in these tough times is a fair(ish) point I guess. Most design houses make no money or run at a loss, and it is the fragrances and accessories that keep them afloat - smaller more accessible items that the masses can buy, ergo buying into the ethos and cache of the brand.

However, the one thing that does possibly excite me about KARL is the fact that it is being sold exclusively on Net-a-Porter, and has been developed with Net-a-Porter supremo Natalie Massenet. The woman clearly knows fashion.

I will just have to wait until 25th January to see if it really is worth the hype and melting my plastic for. So far going on this sneaky vid, I have to say j'adore already - masculine tailoring and sequins, right up my street.. x M

P.S - How hot does Anja Rubik look...?