Sunday, 15 May 2011


Is the only word I can find to even try and describe the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art's retrospective exhibition of Alexander McQueen's amazing work. 

It seems that in death, he has achieved the kind of prominence that even he could never have dreamed of. A kind of black irony from beyond the grave if you will, because throughout his life, he was always the risque fashion rebel - pushing new boundaries and with a fashion vision that didn't always necessarily fit in with the establishment.

Personally, I would sell my first, second and third born children to own a piece if his work. I've said it before, but fashion is art, and McQueen truly was a visionary artist. Fittingly, the exhibition is called Savage Beauty. Time to book a flight to New York, I think x M


Thursday, 12 May 2011

Strangely Beautiful

Weird. But I love it x M

Source: Reid Peppard - Real cast solid brass squirrel skull with artificial badger tongue.