Monday, 24 October 2011

Pickled Pony

Damien Hirst My Little Pony. Massive need for this in my life. Check out more at x M

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Disappear Here

I'm a bit of a shoe whore. Alright, a massive shoe whore. If I ever feel shit, a bit of shoe porn is guaranteed to cheer me right up, and instantly make me feel like a member of the ensemble in Sound of Music. Or like I've taken Ritalin. I honestly think my idea of  perfect date would be one held in Selfridges shoe hall.

So something to cheer up a freezing London morning, these bad boys. I've got on my soap box before about art/fashion/sculpture *delete as applicable but I think pictures speak louder than words. So behold......

Andreia Chaves is a Brazilian footwear designer who has studied form, texture and visual effects in Florence. She fuses art, sculpture, fashion and geometry to create what can only be described as my own personal Holy Grail.

The Invisible Shoe, part of a series of concept footwear, is an asymmetrically mirrored low-cut shoe boot,  which has a chameleon quality blending in with the environment and reflecting your surroundings to make it an ever changing part of your wardrobe and an art installation at your very feet.

I absolutely J'Adore these boots. I want them so badly it hurts, and think I would probably sell a kidney just to own them. I'm not even sure I would wear them out of my flat, maybe just do the hoovering whilst admiring the reflection of the Henry in them. Just saying. x M