Monday, 6 June 2011

I Need.... Ivana Pilja dress in my life. Having just stumbled over her amazing designs, I feel very inspired to go a bit dark, and I am now in need of geometric corners in my life. 

Despite never paying attention in maths class, and not giving a flying fuck about decagons or obtuse triangles, I have an almost obsessive passion for clean lines and angles in architecture, art and more importantly, fashion. Which is precisely why I want one of these dresses.

Pilja's collection borders on the architectural, and is dark, dramatic and brooding. All very Wuthering Heights. That is if Emily Bronte had collided head first into a Mad Max-esque future where origami was the norm. To sum up, her designs are strong and simplified with a touch of gothic darkness that makes me feel ever so slightly uneasy. But in a good way.

It is Monday after all, and if you can't feel slightly dark and twisted on a rainy Monday, then when can you? Enjoy...x M


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