Thursday, 10 February 2011

Koma Chameleon

I'm going to pull an all-nighter tonight..and not because I have deadlines or some beautiful man to keep me up. No, I will instead be sitting hunched over my Macbook like an über geek waiting for Topshop's latest designer collaboration with David Koma to hit their website.

I have to say, (controversial as this may be to insult the darling of the masses,) I wasn't a fan of Cheryl Cole wearing a Koma dress on X Factor, in fact anything Cheryl Cole wears is a fashion death knell for me. However if you look beyond the Cheryl effect, Koma's designs are to me what fashion is truly about. 

Beautiful, sculptural and walking art in a dress. Fashion is art, art is fashion, and I like the fashion chameleon effect. One day I can feel like Audrey Hepburn in a tailored lady like dress and the next putting studded pixie boots on and leather trousers, I fuel my inner rock star wife. And I always notice the difference in my mood and persona when I am wearing heels versus battered converse. 

Fashion ultimately should be fun, and feel like dress up everyday. Who wants to take themselves too seriously?! Look at Anna Dello Russo. Granted, walking down Oxford Street in some of the outfits she wears might draw a few looks but ultimately fuck it, who cares as long as you are having a fabulous time whilst doing it. And, I would happily give up my first born to be described as a fashion maniac by Helmut Newton.

So, I will be joining other fashionista's in the digital witching hour frantically pressing refresh and burning a hole in my plastic, to own a piece of Koma...Now I just have to decide which beauty to buy, eenie meenie mo... 

P.s - Fashion month is finally upon us. I am violently happy.

M x

Source: The Telegraph

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